Are there situations in your life that you feel you can’t change?

Do you keep having the same type of problem over and over and don’t know how to change this pattern?

Are you experiencing a problem that you suspect is mostly caused by your perspective, feelings and (false) beliefs?


Here’s what I can (and can’t) do for you:


I help people through long-distance sessions with the Emotion Code, a powerful energy work technique. I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner doing sessions for people all over the world. This works, no matter where you are, because we are all energetically connected, as strange as it sounds.

The Emotion Code isn’t “the path to happiness”, but rather a great help in walking that path without being derailed by fear, anger and suffering all the time: Session by session, it removes the blocks that make it so hard to be present and surrender. Naturally, this is much easier the less baggage you are carrying around with you (which is where I come in).

The Emotion Code is not a quick fix, and there are no guarantees. In most cases, several sessions are needed to get rid of a certain pattern. You have collected emotional and mental garbage for many years, so please don’t expect this to be magically reversed in one session.

What people typically experience after a session is a sense of relief, liberation and happiness, a new perspective on their situation, and the ability to move forward where they once felt stuck.Here’s what my clients say:


“Wow. Super intense day. Shifted literally right after this session was delivered. And my heart has opened more to let love in. Oh thank you!” – Michele, US

“I truly feel better, it’s like I was covered in tar muck before and now it is finally washing away! Thank you!” – Evan, US

“I feel that it brought to the surface stuff that I had never even been aware of before. … And now I am feeling lightness where once I felt fear and anxiety. … I judge things by the results they have for me and this was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had and I don’t say that lightly. It was like adding rocket fuel to the process I was already going through. Thank you!” – Selina Barker, UK, career coach

“The feeling of overwhelm and not being good enough …. it just isn’t there anymore. It’s as if it left the room. Since Julia’s session, I’ve been a lot more productive and focused. I’ve found that I’ve been able to work through my list without the negative emotions weighing me down.” – Jenny, UK, founder of F*ck the Diets

“I woke up feeling like my heart hurt less… Like I was open minded in a way I haven’t felt in months… I am coming back to you again. Thank you so much.” – Julia, USA

Read more testimonials here.

What you get:


  • A 20 minute Emotion Code session with me, Julia (find out more about me here). No appointment necessary – just relax and enjoy the effects of the session.
  • A personalized report on your Emotion Code session with a list of the inner blocks I released from you, in-depth info on the Emotion Code, and a check-in worksheet for you to measure your progress after the session.


Book a 20 minute remote Emotion Code session with Julia

How it works:

1. Book a 20 minute remote Emotion Code session with me or save money with the three/five session packages! Or take a look at the results I provide if you need help deciding.

2. E-mail me one or two problems you would like an energy work session for at This could be an inner block, a situation or feeling you are struggling with, etc.

3. I’ll start your session and e-mail you your personal session report within 48 hours, and I’m there for you if you have any questions!

Take your pick!

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Have questions? Not sure if the Emotion Code would work for your issue, or what issue exactly to seek help for? Don’t be shy, send me a message today! I look forward to hearing from you!

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DISCLAIMER: An Emotion Code session does not a replace or constitute a medical consultation, or a psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment. Please consult a medical doctor if you experience health problems. In case of psychological issues, please consult a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist. Do not stop taking your medication without consulting your doctor / psychotherapist first. An Emotion Code session is as a complementary treatment with the goal of activating your body’s innate healing ability and of creating better conditions for the body or the psyche to heal itself. However, I cannot make any promises with regards to the healing effect a session may have. The effectiveness and success of energy work has not been scientifically proven, or disproven with regards to some methods.
Please note: It is possible that you will experience emotional ups and downs or an intensification of symptoms after a session (emotional sensitivity, crying, difficulty sleeping, need for extra sleep, vivid dreams, in case of a session for physical symptoms: intensification of symptoms). I don’t work with people who are in acute crisis, suffer from mental health issues, and with pregnant women. If you would like to book an e-mail session for someone else, please ask their permission first. By booking a session with me, you agree to these terms and that you are fully responsible for your own health and well-being.