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  1. Please read through the following information (“Duty to inform according to European Consumer Rights Directive”, disclaimer, see below) carefully.
  2. Choose the number of session you would like to book. By clicking the “Buy now” button, you enter a legally binding contract of purchase with Julia Felberbauer (that’s me). You thereby also agree to the information below (“Duty to inform according to European Consumer Rights Directive”, disclaimer), as well as the terms and conditions.
  3. E-mail me up to three problems you would like a session for at booksession@energysessions.at. This could be an inner block, a situation or feeling you are struggling with, etc.
    I will perform your session and e-mail you your personal session report within 48 hours, and I’m there for you if you have any questions!

Duty to inform according to European Consumer Rights Directive
(Should the English translation differ from the German original, the German version is binding.)
Name and company name of company & media owner: Mag. Julia Felberbauer
Registered office of company and media owner: Neufelderstraße 10b, 4030 Linz, Austria,
tel. +43-(0)680-2005300 (contact by e-mail, if possible), e-mail address for questions, complaints etc.: booksession@energysessions.at

Essential characteristics of the services offered
The company owner’s services comprise energy work in remote sessions, which are conducted within the framework of the trade of “Humanenergetik” (= energy work, or “assistance to achieve a physical and energetic balance etc.”) as regulated by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.
Wherever the term “healing” is used on this website as well as in documents and e-mails sent by the company owner, it refers to the above-mentioned assistance to achieve physical and energetic balance, and is explicitly not to be understood in a medical sense.

Services and prices
A remote energy work session lasts twenty minutes and costs 38,00 US dollars (three-session package: 108,00 $, five-session package: 177,00 $, ten-session package: 342,00 $). No other expenses are incurred. The sessions are exempt from VAT (value added tax) due to the small business regulation (“Kleinunternehmerregelung”).

Terms of sale, terms of delivery, delivery date
Sessions are to be paid in advance with the PayPal-button or per bank transfer (only within Austria).
After receiving an order, the company owner will perform the remote session (or the first session, if a multi-session pack has been ordered, respectively) within 48 hours and will send a digital session report via e-mail within this time period. If the company owner does not perform the remote session (or the first session in a package) within this time-frame, the client may withdraw from the contract.
There is no legal claim to having a session performed, should the company owner be unavailable, e.g. due to illness. However, the company owner will refund the full payment made by the client as soon as possible.

Right to withdraw from contract
According the the European Consumer Rights Directive, a client may withdraw from a contract regarding orders placed online within 14 days. However, by booking a session and accepting the Terms and Conditions, the client expressedly confirms his demand that the session be performed within the withdrawal period. Since remote sessions are done according to the specific wishes and needs of the clients, their are exempt from the right of withdrawal.

Code of conduct
The company owner is bound to the rules of professional conduct of the trade association of energy workers for humans (“Humanenergetiker”).

Clients accept full responsibility for themselves at all times and use the owner’s services at their own risk.
An Emotion Code session does not a replace or constitute a medical consultation, or a psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment. Please consult a medical doctor if you experience health problems. In case of psychological issues, please consult a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist. Do not stop taking your medication without consulting your doctor / psychotherapist first. An Emotion Code session is as a complementary treatment with the goal of activating your body’s innate healing ability and of creating better conditions for the body or the psyche to heal itself. However, I cannot make any promises with regards to the healing effect a session may have. The effectiveness and success of energy work has not been scientifically proven, or disproven with regards to some methods.
Please note: It is possible that you will experience emotional ups and downs or an intensification of symptoms after a session (emotional sensitivity, crying, difficulty sleeping, need for extra sleep, vivid dreams, in case of a session for physical symptoms: intensification of symptoms). I don’t work with people who are in acute crisis, suffer from mental health issues, and with pregnant women. If you would like to book an e-mail session for someone else, please ask their permission first. By booking a session with me, you agree to these terms and that you are fully responsible for your own health and well-being.

By clicking the “Buy now” button, you enter a legally binding contract of purchase with the business owner (Julia Felberbauer).

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