Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.
– Philip K. Dick, American author

I have never been able to put my interest in politics and my practice of and experience with energy work, self-help, and spirituality into a coherent whole. The two parts just don’t fit and I have never been able to force them into a single worldview, but I have come to think that I shouldn’t because the results would be ugly. I have seen them in other people – but let me explain first. I live in Europe and while there is always some crisis going on (at least for the last ten years), I have never lived through something like the whole conglomerate of mass illegal immigration, the constant threat of and reality of terrorism, the oppression of free speech for everyone who does not hold the “correct opinion” agreed upon by the media, politicians and parts of the population.
For the last two years, since Germany opened its borders, I have read so many newspaper articles about illegal immigrants sexually harassing or raping women, and I am scared to go out at night, because they are everywhere, and I simply cannot pretend that I trust them. Anyway, I was talking about this to an acquaintaince who is very much into self-help/spirituality and she said, “I don’t worry about these things. When you think about it (being raped), you attract it to yourself even more”. How easy it is to explain away a real danger when you believe that your whole life is your creation. In this worldview, it’s a woman’s fault if she is raped, as she didn’t think positively enough. This is just a way of not looking at the problem and is something you can only believe as long as nothing happens to you.
This isn’t the only incident of a breakdown of reason with regards to the political sitation, or the real world in general that I have witnessed. It is my (subjective) impression that in spiritual circles, some people have a problem with passing judgement on anything, even if it is an act of evil (like rape), because they either blame the victim (she attracted it!), or think that passing judgement in itself is bad, or that the perpetrator is actually just a victim of his own traumatising upbringing (leaving out his free will and personal responsibility for his actions), minimising the suffering of the victim. I understand that is is hard to deal with all the evil in the world and I actually don’t know how to deal with it, either. But I strongly object to the explaining away of problems that can be the result of having both feet in spirituality (or self-help ideology), but none in tangible, day-to-day life and its problems that are best dealt with by using systematic, logical thinking and appropriate action. Denying facts or circumstances or explaining them away isn’t spiritual, it is just deceptive, manipulative, passive-aggressive and doesn’t solve any problem.
Thanks for reading. I just had to get that out of my system.

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