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Get a look behind the scenes (Hint: My life isn’t perfect)

I just read a delightful post by entrepreneur Denise Duffield-Thomas about her first year in her own business, how she felt and how she was doing. I see myself a lot in what she describes and I love her transparency. So I thought, I’d just give you a quick heads-up on who I am and where I am in my life, because I don’t want to pose as someone who has it all together. (Ha!)

Still location dependent…

My goal is to be location independent in my business so that I can go wherever I please and help people from there. I love doing energy work sessions for people and in the course of that, getting connected to an energy that’s all around us. I keep thinking: Wow, that’s my job now? Connecting with a sort of benevolent energy? How cool is that?! The dream is me doing sessions for you on a beach, or in the Scottish Highlands, just somewhere in beautiful, relatively untouched nature (not so untouched that there is no wireless internet;) ). The reality: I am still doing them in my city flat that is way to small and way too expensive. When I look out the window, I have to tip my head back to see a small portion of the sky. Otherwise, I’ll just see the concrete walls of the building opposite mine and what my neighbours are doing on their balcony. Sigh.

It’s hard to quit

I am not a full-time entrepreneur yet; I have a part-time job that feels like an old skin I have to shed. Since I am not a risk-taker by nature and have failed bombastically in the past (read: broke and unemployed), it feels impossible for me to just quit. I have to take it step by step, no matter how small these steps are, but I do have to get out eventually because I’ll go nuts otherwise. Obviously, my business isn’t making crazy money yet, otherwise I’d be long gone!

I’m not a “relationship expert” ;)

Oh, and I’m single and not a person who makes new friends (and finds a partner) easily.

Success despite stuckness (this almost rhymes!)

So does that qualify me to help people with my energy work, or do I need to get a perfect life first? I used to think I had to be at least a little more perfect ;) before I started but that thought just disappeared at some point. Thinking that I was a fraud was a huge problem for me in the very beginning, when I was practising on people to get my certification. During almost every session, I thought “Oh God, I hope this works!! What if it doesn’t work??” and then when I didn’t get feedback immediately, I started to spiral into doubts about my ability to help others with The Emotion Code. But almost every time, people reported positive changes and breakthroughs so that even I had to believe in the end that this works and I am capable.

It’s funny, I have helped people with problems that I have never had and physical symptoms I can’t pronounce. With practice, it’s become easier for me to believe that I can help them, and it works. Even when I work on someone else’s problems with the areas of life I haven’t completely figured out for myself (love, money), things shift for my clients. I call that success :)

We’ll see where my journey leads me next. Feel free to share your own trials and success in the comments below!

Talk to you soon,



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