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Have you lived other lives?

I have just finished reading a book by American psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss called „Many Lives, Many Masters“. It was so overwhelming and fascinating at the same time, as it offers a credible perspective from a scientist who believes that reincarnation is real. Dr. Weiss did risk his career and professional reputation he had won as a successful traditional psychiatrist when he published this book in 1988. It started with a patient of his who suffered from inexplicable phobias that did not respond to the mainstream psychiatric treatment the woman, Catherine, received from Dr. Weiss. He finally tried hypnosis on her but instead of taking her back to her childhood, she ended up in a past life. As she got much better surprisingly fast as they continued their sessions, and he successfully regressed many other patients into past lifetimes, too, he decided to not keep this knowledge to himself any longer. Hence this book.

Reincarnation 101

Here’s what Dr. Weiss says he found out: His patients had lived many lives before their current one and in the sessions were able to relive or view some important events as well as their death in those lives. After re-experiencing their deaths, they entered an in-between state where they regained awareness that they were here to learn love, patience, kindness, forgiveness etc. and felt connected to a loving light or energy bigger than them. They gained a bird’s eye view of how their past lives were affecting their current ones – because they had taken with them unsolved problems with other people, debts they had accumulated (by treating others badly), and because they had or had not learned their lesson. It wasn’t a „judgement day“ kind of scenario, but kind and peaceful reviewing process.

Mind-blowing reality or…

I was completely overwhelmed by this book. What if it’s all true? It raises many interesting questions! I am not asking you to believe all this, but be open to the chance that it might be that way. What would it mean to you if you knew

  • you have been here many times and will return many times, as well?
  • you have lessons to learn in every lifetime and if you don’t learn them, you’re bound to be born in a similar situation until you get it?
  • that when you die, you go back to a loving bright light that is sort of like God, but without all the disgusting connotations this word has to it, and you take a look at how you lived and decided what kind of life you need next to learn the same or another lesson?
  • that souls are born and reborn in groups, meaning that you are very likely to meet your family and other significant people again, whether you have a good or a bad relationship with them (uh oh!)?

Isn’t life just a meaningless game if all this is true? (You could say it’s a meaningless game anyway, but that’s another story.) It seems quite cruel to me to be reborn, having to start from scratch again, suffering and making others suffer, not knowing anything about nothing, having to figure out life again. Then again, it’s better to get another chance, and another, in case you messed up your life.

…interesting thought experiment?

What would you do if you believed this and had a different perspective: Instead of your life probably ending sometime in the next few decades and you disappearing into nothing /hell / heaven / purgatory / whatever else religions tell us, there’s and endless highway in front of you, and the end destination is love, peace, happiness, wisdom and being one with a benevolent energy that permeates and created the universe. Once you’d found out about reincarnation, you’d be able to change some things about you and your life to get closer to what you initially intended to learn, thereby creating a better next (and of course current) life for you. That way, you wouldn’t have to live through a few more lifetimes full of the same mistakes; full of the same crazy-making or unhappy relationships with your parents, siblings, spouse, boss, etc. you might have.   As you can tell, my thoughts about reincarnation and what to do in case it’s real come mostly from fear of having lots of crappy lives. (It’s sort of a variation on the Christian fear of going to hell. Thank you, Catholic upbringing.) I can also definitely tell the influence of Western capitalist thinking in there: How can I make this more efficient? How can I get to the endpoint faster? Soon, I’ll be posting a how-to article on how to make it to heaven in 10 easy steps…

What would you do if this were real?

The whole reincarnation thing is really a fascinating thought! I actually believe Dr. Weiss. I thought about what I need to change in my life so I can get to the next level of this cosmic game (pardon the bad metaphor):

  • I need to repair some relationships, or stop hating or resenting certain people. There are many people I hope to never see again, but the thought that I might meet them in another lifetime gives me the creeps. I suppose the lesson here is forgiveness, or not judging others so harshly. Which brings me to one of my biggest faults:
  • I need to stop being judgmental and sometimes even hateful (mostly only in my thinking, but that’s ugly enough). Big task!
  • I need to stop doubting myself and that I can do what I really yearn for. Strangely enough, assuming that I will be reborn doesn’t lead me to postponing my dreams to the next lifetime, but rather makes me want to make the most out of me and my life this time around.

I really want to know what you think about all of this! Feel free to comment here or on Facebook, or write me an e-mail (in case you don’t want to admit to believing in reincarnation or call me a naive New Age idiot in public). I’m looking forward to that! Thank you so much for reading, and talk to you next week!   Julia x


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