I’m proud of having been able to work with a very brave woman recently: Jessy Paston runs Jessography, a business that is all about helping people heal through the power of therapeutic photography. She also founded Jessography Unmasked, a blog and community where people open up about their mental health issues to overcome the social stigma that is still attached to this topic.
When Jessy asked me to do an Emotion Code session for her, she was feeling scared of being as open as she wanted to be about her own mental health issues:

“For some time now I had realised that fear was holding me back. I want to do so much but I was standing in my own way. When I identified what it was, I had no hesitation in contacting Julia again as she had helped me in the past. After she did my energy reading and sent me my report, I was fascinated to read where my barriers where and what other feelings were present. I felt lighter and much braver.“

What I’m so excited about: After our session, she felt inspired and courageous enough to share her own „unmasked“ photo and message, opening up about her own emotional struggle:

„As a result, I shared my therapeutic photography project Unmasked on my Jessography facebook business page – something I was terrified of doing but I was pleasantly surprised. There were so many words of support and encouragement, I felt stronger in myself.
Since then, I keep finding myself being braver and more assertive in many different aspects of my life, not fearing anything anymore.
Thank you Julia, you have yet again helped me and I am eternally grateful to have you in my life.”

When I saw the photo she had posted on the Jessography Facebook Page, I was beyond impressed and even jealous of her for being so free and brave! You’ll understand why after this:

Jessy and her photo from her


„To be fully congruent and regain balance in my life, I need to tell you something.

I am Jessy, I suffer from depression and at the moment, I’m back on the happy pills. I have good days and bad days but I’ve not stopped being who I am. It is an illness which gets the better of me at times, like now but I’m still me.

Now I know more than ever I am on the right path for my life’s purpose because I know not matter how ill I get, I can help myself. It is now my turn to help others and be there for them through my counselling and therapeutic photography.

Nothing has made this more clear to me than helping out a really good friend over the past few months who has depression for the first time.

Here is a photo from my Unmasked project done a couple of years ago (for more info, visit http://jessographyunmasked.wordpress.com/) and I am publicly posting it here because I have been putting on my ‘happy’ mask again, pretending everything is fine.

This is my way of Unmasking again, being open and honest, not only to you but to me too. I know some of you will be uncomfortable with this which is fine and I am expecting a lot of people to unlike my page and stop contact.

Please know this though, just because someone has depression, it doesn’t make them a lesser person. The more we know about mental health illnesses, the more we learn and the less stigma there will be and the more we can do to manage things.

Thank you x“

Wow. I think Jessy’s being so open about this is helping other people with similar challenges A LOT.

I was blown away when she wrote to me that my energy work helped her take this step! And I’m grateful to her for letting me contribute to her and her mission of healing through photography.

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