Hi! I’m Julia 🙂

About Julia

Hi! I’m Julia. I help people through long-distance sessions with the Emotion Code, a powerful energy work technique. I was certified in the Emotion Code in 2013 and have been doing energy clearing sessions for people all over the world since then. 

I came across the Emotion Code when a friend did a remote energy session for me at a rather desperate time in my life. It helped me immensely, so I decided to learn the method myself. After working on myself and getting rid of a lot of baggage for a year or so, I decided to help other people with the Emotion Code, as well. I got certified in the method and started my own business, offering remote energy clearing sessions to people all over the world.

What I love most is when clients report back to me about how much better they feel after an Emotion Code session and how they view the world in a different light. I am surprised again and again at the way in which the Emotion Code works –  we do all seem to be plugged in to the same “energetic web”, so that it is possible to help people who are far away!

(Oh, and I’m from Austria – just to explain some less-than-smooth expressions you may find on this website.)

Emotion Code Practitoner Certificate