FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What effects can I expect from a session?

What people typically experience after a session:  

  • feeling lighter and freer
  • the issue simply disappears or is greatly reduced in intensity
  • getting a new perspective on a problem or situation
  • being able to suddenly see new possibilities to which you were blind before
  • being more open / balanced / compassionate etc. with other people
  • being able to move forward where you once felt stuck.

To get a taster of what my clients say about having a session with me, take a look at these testimonials. The Emotion Code is not a quick fix. You have collected emotional and mental baggage for many years, so please don’t expect this to be magically reversed in one session. In my experience, some clients notice a change already during the session, for many others it takes a day or two to process, after which they feel a major shift. In other cases, also depending on what issue we are working on, several sessions may be necessary until an issue is resolved. I have also had rare clients who took several sessions until they felt a major shift, while they noticed hardly anything at all until then. To summarize: I cannot know what will happen after a session, and therefore I cannot guarantee a certain outcome and certainly not promise to heal you. I personally don’t see the Emotion Code as a one-size-fits all path to ultimate happiness, but rather an effective way to get rid of the energetic baggage that makes life harder and less enjoyable.

Do you work with everyone?

I do not work with people with mental illness, and people who are in the middle of an urgent emotional crisis – I simply cannot offer the support that you need in such a situation. Please seek the support of a licensed psychotherapist or other mental health care practitioner.

I also don’t work with pregnant women.

What I expect from my clients

You know that you alone are responsible for your life, you know you have the power to change it and you book a session because you need support. You don’t expect me to save you, magically make all your problems go away, or tell you what you should do with your life.

Does The Emotion Code only work if I believe it will?

No, it works independently of what you believe, but keeping an open mind is always a good idea. However, I have not only worked with adults, but also children and animals, who certainly didn’t believe in it – and it still worked.

I need your help but I don’t feel comfortable telling you my issue.

That’s okay, too. You just write your issue down for yourself so you don’t forget it and let me know you don’t want to talk about it. I can do a session on an issue without knowing what it is, it still works. Be specific when writing them down, as it is important that YOU are clear on what you want me to work on.

Have questions? Not sure if the Emotion Code would work for your issue, or what issue exactly to seek help for? Shoot me an e-mail at booksession@energysessions.at! I look forward to hearing from you!