Here’s what people said after an Emotion Code session with me:

“Wow! I have been surprised by how effective this treatment was. The problem I asked Julia to focus on for me really appears to have shifted in the last few days: amazing as this is something that’s bogged me down for years and years! Thank you so much!”

Lotte, UK

“I truly feel better, it’s like I was covered in tar muck before and now it is finally washing away! Thank you!”

Evan, US
Selina Barker
Selina Barker

“I haven’t stopped telling people about my Emotion Code experience with Julia. It’s nuts – I have no idea how it works but my God, did it have a powerful effect on me. I read my report on the morning of my regular session with my therapist and we had hands down the most powerful session I have ever had. I feel that it brought to the surface stuff that I had never even been aware of before. It knocked me out for about two days. I can only describe it as stunned and relieved and utterly exhausted. And now a few weeks later I am feeling lightness where once I felt fear and anxiety. I don’t pretend to understand how in the world the Emotion Code works. I still don’t get what it is, but I judge things by the results they have for me and this was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had and I don’t say that lightly. It was like adding rocket fuel to the process I was already going through. Thank you!”

Selina Barker, UK, life design and career coach

“Last Thursday morning, I woke up feeling really refreshed and in a much more positive mood. I was really interested in the report you’d written. The emotions you pinned down were spot-on.”

Anne, UK
Jenny, UK
Jenny, UK

“I don’t usually do these kinds of things. You’re more likely to find me making jokes about ‘howling at the moon’ then having any kind of healing session. However, since Julia worked on me (via distance, I may add, which makes it even more impressive) I’ve noticed a lightness in me. I still have a long to do list, but the feeling of overwhelm and not being good enough …. it just isn’t there anymore. It’s as if it left the room. Since Julia’s session, I’ve been a lot more productive and focused. I’ve found that I’ve been able to work through my list without the negative emotions weighing me down. I want to do another one now! I really do recommend this, even if you don’t believe in this kind of stuff. Take it from me, I’m usually very skeptical about these things, and I love that you don’t have to believe in it for it to work. Getting rid of negative emotions without having to dig into past issues, spend hours in counselling or go on long retreats – it doesn’t get any better than that!”

Jenny, UK
Jessy Paston
Jessy Paston, UK, intuitive coach

“I was intrigued by the concept of releasing emotions with the Emotion Code so I signed up with Julia. She gave me a safe feeling and I knew straight away I could trust her with my problems. I must admit I was skeptical, as I had never done anything like this before but I did find after the session, I was emotionally all over the place and had to take some time out to regather myself. Afterwards though, I felt ‘lighter’ and ‘freer’, allowing me to get on and do things I had been putting off due to my fears. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely use Julia again to help me release trapped emotions.”

Jessy Paston, UK, intuitive coach

“I feel really good since the session. By a couple of days later I was feeling much lighter and didn’t feel anger boiling up in the way it sometimes does when things aren’t going to plan.”

Soozi, UK

“Having never done anything like this before, I signed up for The Emotion Code with little expectation and an open mind. Although I had no idea exactly when Julia would be ‘working on me’, by the time I received her report I was already aware that something was different about the way I was feeling. Following a brief intense period of upset, I felt in balance, light, at peace with myself and I have continued to feel this consistently ever since.”

Diane, UK
Michael Devine
Michael Devine, UK

“THANK YOU! I felt very bouncy when I woke up this morning, like I had got my mojo back!”

Michael Devine, UK, founder of Make The Most Of Your Garden
Gemma Regalado
Gemma Regalado, UK, web designer

“The morning I got your email with the report [which is included in the session] I woke up feeling clearer and lighter. Things felt calmer, and I immediately wondered if you’d done the session for me. Sure enough, the report was already waiting for me in my inbox. I was in a really good mood for the next few days – even my husband mentioned it, and I have felt so much clearer about certain things – where there once was a resistance, it’s either gone or been dramatically reduced. Before the session, I was scoring about a 7 for the problem I came to you with, and now it’s about a 3. And the weird thing is, that I am about as sceptical as people come with things like distance healing, but I do feel a calmness and lightness in that area of my life.”

Gemma Regalado, UK, web designer

“Having been initially dubious about how this could work, I’m pleased to report that I’m delighted with the results! There was a brief period of unsettledness, but I then felt noticeably clearer than I have for a while, and in the last 48 hours have blitzed several tasks related to one of my businesses that I have been putting off for months, and made steps to grow it which I also should have done ages ago. Even the day job is benefiting from having cleared the block I was experiencing, as I feel a bit more focused, calm, and better able to deal with things.”

Carla, UK

“[After the session,] I felt quite teary and vulnerable for two days, as you said I might, but now I feel considerably brighter. Since the session I have made real progress with my issue and now feel much more able to cope with the to do list. I have also become more deeply aware of the way in which I talk to myself and have found myself being much gentler and more loving when a dark thought does occur.”

Claire, UK

Energy work for children

I recently did a session for Chriss’ son Hunter (from Australia), and here’s what Chriss has to say:

“Julia did a great healing on my son who was having trouble settling into high school. He has been so much more settled since she did the healing, it was almost instantaneousness and it’s lovely to see him happy :): Thank you so much!“

A week later, she writes:

„Hunter is going from strength to strength, he has returned to happy Hunter, sleeping well and best of all waking up and saying he is full of energy, makes me all teary and happy. He is feeling so positive;):)“.